Caitlin wins Junior Christmas Blitz

For the final club night of 2019 on December 13th Jixin arranged a blitz tournament with a material handicap based on experience. In a toughly contested competition Caitlin Challoner emerged the victor closely followed by Jack Yang and Sam Burchett.

Caitlin receives first prize from Jixin

Well done to all the competitors and thanks to Jixin for organising the event and providing prizes.

Rohan wins the Christmas Blitz

On December the 17th we held our annual handicap blitz tournament. This year Rohan Yesudian won the prestigious title of Chester Chess Club Christmas Blitz Champion 2019 after a coruscating performance.

1st – Rohan Yesudian 5/5 + 0.5

2nd = (all with 4.5)

  • Caitlin Challoner 2/5 + 2.5
  • Graham Dobson 4/5 + 0.5
  • Seren Fletcher 2/5 + 2.5
  • James Lee 3.5/5 + 1
  • Michael McDonagh 4.5/5 + 0

A Bulleted thanks list (yes, bulleted…)

  1. Thank you to everyone who turned up for the Blitz this year.
  2. Thanks once again to David Hulme without whose involvement the tournament could not have been ran.
  3. Special thanks are reserved for Caroline Burchett, without whose involvement we would have likely still been playing into the early hours of Wednesday!
  4. Thanks also to our professional clock handlers Steve Lloyd and Colin White whom helped the event run smoothly.
  5. Thanks also to Warren Bates and Phil Crocker for donating prizes for the winners of the evening’s festivities.

There was an excellent turnout of 32 people with grades ranging from 35 for Seren to 208 for John C; we hope to see this again in future years. Happy New Year All.