W. B. Turner Junior Championship

The W. B. Turner Junior Championship – An all play all tournament that is ran for the strongest junior players of the club and ran throughout the course of the season. The participants are a selected number of the strongest players, usually 8 or 10 in number.

1991J. R. Hibbs
1992R. Ogier
2005M. Hayes
2006B. Sharma
2007M. Hayes
2008M. Hayes
2009A. Tonge
2010J. Langmead
2011Ro. Yesudian
2012Ro. Yesudian & Ri. Yesudian
2013Ro. Yesudian & Ri. Yesudian
2014Ro. Yesudian
2015J. Lee
2016S. Collinson
2017J. Yang
2018E. Kitis
2019B. Woodfinden