The Hallard Cup

The Hallard Cup – An all play all tournament that was traditionally ran for the intermediate players of the club and ran throughout the course of the season. In more recent years it is now awarded to the winner of a tournament held over the summer months for the novice players of the club.

Highest number of victories

S. Lloyd5
S. H. Holdcroft4
J. Nemcek3
G. M. Townsend3
T. L. Finn3
A. Roberts3

Cup Winners

1959J. S. Edwards1988M. Coventry
1960J. Tiplady1989S. Haslam
1961Dr V. Tonge1990H. Bullard
1962D. R. Ellis1991
1963Dr V. Tonge1992G. M. Townsend
1964S. H. Holdcroft1993P. Oregan
1965E. F. Stead1994T. L. Finn
1966J. Gorman1995G. M. Townsend
1967S. H. Holdcroft1996T. L. Finn
1968A. Hughes1997
1969G. J. Bromley1998A. Roberts
1970C. Andrews1999S. Haslam
1971S. H. Holdcroft2000T. L. Finn
1972M. A. Lee2001A. Roberts
1973S. H. Holdcroft2002S. Lloyd
1974P. Dean2003A. Roberts
1975R. J. Graham2004S. Lloyd
1976L. Burdekin2005G. M. Townsend
1977A. L. Bradshaw2006D. Linthwaite
1978M. E. Williams2007S. Lloyd
1979D. Whitcombe2008J. Nemcek
1980P. Reed2009C. White
1981G. O. Edwards2010H. Bullard
1982J. S. Pratt2011P. Ashley
1983G. J. Bromley2012C. Tickell
1984J. Nemcek2013S. Lloyd
1985J. Nemcek2014S. Lloyd
19862015D. Jeory
19872016M. Scarpa
2017I. Clayton
2018I. Clayton
2019N. Saram