The Coleby Cup

The Coleby Cup is named after one of the clubs former presidents J. Coleby.

Highest number of victories

NameNumber of Victories
G. J. Bromley5
A. Roberts3
A. P. Davies3
M. E. Williams3
C. Buckley3
S. Lloyd3

At the 2003 AGM, a decision was made to change the format of the Coleby Cup to an All-Play-All open tournament to be played in the summer. In the seasons prior to this in the late 1990’s it was run between January and May and was restricted to the novice players at the club. From 2005 onwards the competition has been run as a 5 round Swiss open to all.

Cup Winners


1963J. Coleby1990L. Ellis
1964W. B. Turner1991
1965D. R. Ellis1992
1966L. Burdekin1993T. L. Finn
1967A. Hughes & J. H. Walmsley1994B. hannan
1968J. Coleby1995
1969G. J. Bromley1996T. McKay
1970L. R. Ainsworth1997A. Roberts
1971L. R. Ainsworth1998A. Roberts
19721999S. Lloyd
19732000A. Roberts
19742001G. M. Townsend & S. Lloyd
1975R. Clark2002G. M. Townsend
1976A. L. Bradshaw2003G. J. Bromley
1977R. Clark & M. P. Townsend2004S. Lloyd
1978A. P. Davies2005G. J. Bromley
1979A. P. Davies2006M. Lee
1980A. P. Davies & M. E Williams2007M. Demmon
1981M. E. Williams2008R. Walker
1982M. E. Williams2009H. Bullard
1983N. D. Bushnell2010D. Bryan
1984G. J. Bromley2011R. Valantinas & R. Pearson
1985G. J. Bromley2012J. Smith
19862013C. Buckley
19872014C. Buckley
19882015C. Buckley & R. Yesudian
19892016M. McDonagh
2017P. Crocker & B. Roberts
2019M. McDonagh