A Chess Club in Chester was started in the late 19th Century by the then Duke of Westminister. This club ran right up until the start of the First World War. The current venue is the Town Crier, shown here with less traffic than today!

After the war in 1919 a new club, Chester YMCA Chess Club, was formed. The Chester YMCA Chess Club existed right up until 2004, when the executive committee agreed to part company from the YMCA and for the club to be known as Chester Chess Club.

There follow a series of photos illustrating some key points in recent history.

Firstly Chester play against the Isle of Man in Douglas in 1968. Seated far-side L to R Dr V Tonge, W.B. Turner, G.J. Bromley, S. Holdcroft and J. Bate. Standing 4th from left Dr T. O. Read. Below mirror standing Gorman and R. E. Evans.






Chester were Liverpool league Champions in 1982 and 1983 with the players standing from left to right Tom Wiley, John Pratt, Tim Everrett, Gareth Edwards, Mark Williams, Nigel Smith, Mr Powell, Ian Stent and Bob Clark. Seated L to R are Graham Bromley (captain), Alan Davies, Alan Mealing, David Griffiths and Jon Mayberry.

In 1983 Chester won again with the team of standing left to right Alan Davies, Hugh Browning, Bob Clark, Joe Necek, Andrew Brint, Tim Everett, Mark Williams, John Pratt and Graham Bromley (captain). Seated L to R are John Coleby, Alan Mealing and Tom Wiley.

In 1999-2000 Chester won the Chester and District Division 1  with the following team back row standing L to R Trevor McKay, John Sutcliffe, Geoff Townsend, Bob Clark, Theo Finn, Barry Hannan and John Vernon.  Seated L to R are Ard van Bergen, Graham Bromley, Tim Everrett and Joe Nemcek.

The 2004 winners are shown below seated L to R Ard van Bergen, Graham Bromley and Chris Doran. Standing L to R are Paul Watson, Joe Nemcek, Stephen Lloyd, Tim Everrett and Russell Pearson.

Several chess masters have played in Chester. Below GM Adorjan takes part in  a simul in 1977.

Chess great GM Vlastimil Hort also played a simul.

IM Richard Palliser, current editor of Chess, also gave a simul in 2006.

One of the greatest players of all time Garry Kasparov played a simul in Chester in May 1989.

He also made a presentation to Bill Turner.

The next picture shows two key former presidents Geoff Townsend (left, president 1992-2002) and Graham Bromley (president 2002-2017).

A previous venue was at the YMCA building shown photographed from the Groves by the Dee.