Annotated Games

In this game Mario shows the importance of persevering when you make a mistake. In the end he has a choice of queen sacrifices to crown his attack and deliver mate; can you spot the other one?

In the next game a 2500 Grandmaster looks very ordinary against Chester 2 regular Chris Doran.

In the final round of the English Rapidplay championships, Steve Lloyd took on an alternative opponent, rather than accept the free point! His young opponent had nothing to play for, but Lloyd needed a win to secure second place! Here are most of the moves!

Next Mario Scarpa shows how a quick victory is possible by applying early pressure

Here Scottish Grandmaster Colin McNab suffers an upset in round one of the Edinburgh Open against another Chester 2 player Phil Crocker


Here Mike McDonagh neatly combines strategy and tactics in a win against a leading North West tournament player and former British Senior Champion:


What can Black do against FM Bjerke’s  19.Ba7 threatening to win a pawn?

Here to show we are only human, we reveal some brilliant moves which we could have played, but, well, didn’t..