Can anyone stop Chester?

Last night saw our first match since the club moved temporarily online. Tensions were high as we faced off against Crewe. Those with long memories might remember we had a slight hiccup when we played a rapid match against them last year. Due mostly to the extreme weather conditions we were soundly trounced.

This time round was a little different. Despite benching John Carleton and your reporter mostly sitting it out to type some encouragement to the Crewe players, Chester emerged convincing winners 134 points to 76.

Chester players dominated the highest scores with club champion Colin White a recognisable name amongst the top 6. CaldayGrammar did particularly well against rating. Congratulations also to Yeeto and Sol19 who performed well on their first team debuts.

Thanks to Crewe for playing us in an enjoyable match. Next up is Lewisham on Tuesday 7th April. If any other teams would like to play a match please get in touch at

We now have 28 members in our adult online club. If any other member would like to join in you need to set up a lichess account and then apply to join our team quoting your real name in the accompanying message

Junior members please email Phil in the first instance.

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