Nethuli shines in European U14 Championships

Despite being rated one of the lowest in the recent European U14 Championship in Bratislava, Nethuli Saram managed to score an impressive 4.5/9.

Nethuli representing England in the U14 European Championships

After a tough start she showed great resilience to get results against players rated several hundred points higher than her. Here is a fine combination against a player rated 1628 who has just played 13Ng5, seemingly winning a pawn on the e-file. Can you see Black’s riposte? (Answer at the end)

In addition to normal league and club games Nethuli had received coaching from John Carleton at the Friday junior club and played training matches against Ray Williams and John Harvey. Thanks to those players for supporting Nethuli.

At the event she was fortunate to have assistance from Grandmaster Neil McDonald pictured with Nethuli below.

All in all, an impressive result by Nethuli. Well done!

Puzzle:Nethuli is helped prepare by GM Neil McDonald

Puzzle answer: Black replied 13..Bxf2+! when 14Kxf2 allows 14..Nxe4+ 15Kg1 Nxg5 with a two pawn advantage.

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