June Events – Wallasey match, League AGM and Chess in the Park

Despite the season being over June was still a busy month for the club. Firstly we took on Wallasey in their splendid venue. The match was as usual very close. Right at the end Chester pulled away as the top boards finished with Chris Doran winning the final game with both players down to their final seconds. Thanks to everyone who helped us get such a big turnout.

Freya plays in her first Wallasey match
John had flown across continents to get back in time for the match
Your reporter conceives a devilish plan to mate the black king with R, B and pawns
Chris was last to finish
As the crowd got bigger

Last week was the AGM for the Chester and District League. Chester were presented with trophies for winning the 1st division, 2nd division, knock out and U120 knock out. Ray Williams also won player of the year for division 3. I’ll spare you needing to see me collecting all of these prizes on behalf of the winners but here’s a sample one:

Incoming league president Stephen Dunning presents Chester with another trophy

Last weekend we held our first Chess in the Park event. The weather held up and everyone seemed to have fun.

Seren prepares to take on her dad whilst Vlad (who recounts he learned to play the game in parks in Romania) takes on Dan
Paul plays a solid opening against Jixin
Dan takes on a strong park visitor as the group got bigger with Rohan and Riyaan celebrating the end of exams.

Finally, if you subscribe to Chess then look out for the article covering our centenary.

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