10th Annual Wallasey Challenge Match – The D&A Cup

On Tuesday the 19th of June 22 players from Chester Chess Club met 22 players from Wallasey Chess Club at the Town Crier in Chester.  This challenge event has has been held annually during the close season of recent years and this year reached its 10 year milestone.   As always the match was hard fought and Wallasey as seems to be the trend surged into an early 5-1 lead.

As the evening progressed Chester gradually eased back into contention and late on went into the lead.  The match was finely poised at the point when Chester were two up with three to play.   Of the three games that were still in play Jack Yang was clearly lost and Jo Nemcek faced a difficult defence a pawn down in a minor piece ending.  Fortuitously for Chester Rob Killeen emerged victorious and thus Chester clinched the match.  The final result was 12-10 to Chester, a result comprising of 10 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses. With this result Chester have pulled one back in the series but still remain 5-4 down to Wallasey. Here is to next year and the chance to finally draw level in the series!

Wallasey Challenge Match 2018 Results

Board NumberChesterGradeResultWallaseyGrade
1Phil Crocker1941-0Colin Hughes163
2Chris Doran1780.5-0.5Mike Coffey161
3Graham Bromley1600.5-0.5Chris Latham157
4James Lee1420-1Phil Brine155
5Jixin Yang1420-1Mike O'Mahony154
6Stephen Lloyd1411-0Jeff Povall150
7Robert Killeen1491-0Steve Clare129
8David Bryan1401-0Mark Spriggs129
9Ray Williams1401-0Viv Oldham129
10Jo Nemcek1390.5-0.5Leon Wolszczak128
11Seth Collinson1380-1Ken Jones123
12John Harvey1371-0Alan Jackson123
13David Hulme1340.5-0.5Colin Rees118
14Keith Emerton1251-0Duncan Rennie115
15Jack Yang1240-1Graham Carr112
16Dan DowlingEst 1200-1Gordon Somerville103
17Ian Clayton1031-0Alan Kelly99
18Nethuli Saram871-0Graham Heath99
19Sam Burchett810-1Ron Champion95
20Philip Skippon670-1Martin Cockerill92
21Ben Woodfinden671-0Trevor Amos69
22Barry Kelly150-1David Williams66

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