Chess Down Under

Visiting my sister in Ballarat near Melbourne I (Phil C) had the chance to play in the local Begonia Open. The organisers arrange for several Australian GMs/ IMs to play and then throw all the players into one open tournament with big grading prizes. Nigel Short won it a couple of years ago when they had a 50th anniversary.

This year GM Anton Smirnov and IM James Morris won with 6/7. Helped by a favourable draw I managed to join the trailing group on 5.5/7.

If you happen to be in Australia then it’s a fun if tiring 3-day tournament to play.

Receiving a chess lesson from GM Zong-Yuan Zhao (back row 2nd from left):

Joint 3rd prize winners including GM Ly and GM Zhao on the left. I’m in the middle looking slightly out of place with a collared shirt, no shorts and even socks:

Photos by Sabrina Koetsier and Rob Loveband from Ballarat Club’s tournament website:

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